Growing lavender

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an image of lavender plants growing in the garden with different stages of growth from beginning to end
Harvesting Fresh Lavender: How to Harvest, Prune & Dry Lavender Flowers
a close up of a plant with text overlay reading how to prune lavender the complete guide
Pruning Lavender: A Step-By-Step Guide
An essential part of lavender plant care if you want to sustain healthy and beautiful growth every year, is learning how and when to prune it. In my step by step guide you’ll learn all about pruning lavender plants in the spring and in the summer, as well as get bonus tips on things like shaping your plant and the best pruning tools. Learn why cutting back the plant in the spring is an important step to take in encouraging your lavender to flower and fill with green, healthy growth every year.
a pair of scissors cutting through some plants with the title how to prune lavender
Pruning Lavender: A Step-By-Step Guide
an image of a plant with the words cut two nodes above the woody growth
Growing lavender & pruning lavender for plant health