Miraculous Ladybug Speededit - Hawk Moth Reveals His Identity .

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I'm Pea, Clarissa's kwami. I'm shy and get scared easily. I'm scared of bugs,quiet jazz music,the dark,and anything loud.


toriitorii: “ windlessleaf: “ One quick pic from today! I’m trying to work on something bigger but got forced to post this in the meanwhile. I LOVE ‘s design for Mama Agreste and I’ll.

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Read (maraton from the story Memes de miraculous ladybug by with reads. Porque casi no ahí shi.

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My favorite!

I don't ship actual phan but I still love dan and phil more then my own soul<<i DO ship phan

miraculouspaon: “ twindoodle: “ Let’s have some more post-reveal friendships, so here is a sleepover at Chloe’s. Thank goodness for because drawing Chloe’s room would have been so much more difficult. ” Oh my God this is perfect ”