use blocks and masking tape to makes shapes on the floor

10 new Pins for your eyfs number and shape, space and measure board

Imparare a confrontare usando il discrimine fine come nello Strumento Confronti di #feuerstein e nello Strumento Tri-channel. Impara ad imparare. #sviluppocognitivo

Paul and silas in prison? Lovely simple game - and you could even get kids to make their own version to take home to a younger sib.

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13 Up in the sky Ebru öğretmen

De kindjes moeten een parcours afleggen met een krant en daar een ballon op. Ze moeten over allemaal obstakels en de ballon mag niet vallen.

perhaps with different obsticals, but two people racing with a balloon on paper is a fab idea

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Fine Motor Skill Activity - pipe cleaner "worms" clothespin "birds" pick up worm and put in container "nest"




Si se cae no se puede meter

le pont roulant

La maternelle de Vivi - Page 3 - La maternelle de Vivi

atelier pour enfants: Peekaboo!

atelier ombres contours Have children trace each other and then fill themselves in with color, pictures, and/or words to describe how they feel

(60) Одноклассники

(60) Одноклассники

Five activities to promote teamwork by Teach Preschool

Five simple activities that promote teamwork!

Five activities to promote teamwork en dan met kastanjes, eikeltjes

Gross Motor. Skills to learn how to follow a line and also there shape of a square plus there colors

The Activity Mom shares ideas and activities that make learning fun for your toddlers and preschoolers.

Health - Responsible Personal and Social Behavior

Building relationships, nurturing, almost all of the Key Competencies! Physical Education and More: Responsible Personal and Social Behavior.

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Blow cotton balls with straws into cups. Cute idea to target a variety of things including oral motor function

Fun and simple games for kids

Fun and simple game for kids - Cafe and Apothecary Game and Puzzle Week