LuAnn Kessi: Sketch Book....Feathers

I drew this fun feather in my art journal, it was a lot harder than it looks! I really wish I had looked at this page too cuz she did more to it (LuAnn Kessi), she calls it the playful 'piggyback feather!

How to draw wolf/dog head (quick drawings) by LuckasK on DeviantArt

4 drawings about how you can draw a wolf or dog head, I drew it quick so it's not the best xD Hope some of you like it, or use it How to draw wolf/dog head (quick drawings)

Friggin love Mark Crilley's tutorials. He finally shows how to do hair! (Sort of)

Manga Girl Tutorial, by *markcrilley on deviantART. This is really neat - I can't wait to start drawing!