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a drawing of a man with curly hair holding a spoon in his hand and the words hermes on it
Hermes is the Greek god of merchants, thieves and tricksters who ran messages for Zeus. He also conducted the dead to the Underworld, and He is shown here with His herald's or messenger's staff or caduceus. The Greeks equated the Egyptian Anubis with Him, as Anubis also was a psychopomp.
an egyptian woman wearing gold jewelry and blue eyeshades, with her head tilted to the side
Nefertiti...eterna inspiración
an ancient egyptian god with horns on his head, holding a staff and wearing a red dress
Hathor (Mısır Mitolojisi) – Özhan Öztürk Makaleleri
Hathor,Mısır Mitolojisi, hathor kimdir, hathor mitoloji, hathor nedi,hathor tanrıçası,hathor tapınağı,hathor bilgileri,hathor symbol,hathor tattoo,dişi aslan, firavun inciri, hurma ağacı, hathorlar kimdir,hathor mesajları, mitoloji, doğum, bereket, aşk, evlilik, müzik,gök tanrıça, inek, inek başlı kadın
a stamp with an image of a woman wearing a hat
Ex libris - Friedrich Rupp | Iparművészeti Múzeum Gyűjteményi Adatbázis
Ex Libris - Friedrich Rupp. Created by Liesen, Eduard (1866-1945)
a drawing of a leopard's head with spots on the fur and white background
Sarah Batalka Artwork Collection: Private
two boys crouching in front of an old building
Istanbul | foto: Ara Güler #istanlook
Anadolu'nun emektar insanları - 2. resim Maine, Seni Arab, Seni 3d, رسم كاريكاتير, Turkish Tea, Fotografi Potret, Mexikansk Mat, Teko Teh, Cafe
Anadolu'nun emektar insanları | Ensonhaber
Anadolu'nun emektar insanları - 2. resim
Hayat Huzmesi
ysa-4-christmas: “ #gif #cat #winter ”