stuffed eggplant (karnıyarık)

Karniyarik, Turkish egg plant and minced meat dish. One of the Best homemade dish.

Yoğurtlu Bulgur Köftesi

Yogurtlu Bulgur Koftesi Tarifi (Bulgur Balls in Yogurt Sauce)

: Zucchini Tots

: Zucchini Tots- 1 cups zucchini, grated 1 egg yellow onion, diced cup cheese (cheddar or Parmesan work the best) cup bread crumbs ( I used Italian breadcrumbs) Salt and Pepper Preheat oven to

Fırında Sütlaç Nasıl Yapılır

Fırında Sütlaç Nasıl Yapılır

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Boiled Borek

Boiled Borek(Su Brei) Ingredients For its dough: - 10 cups flour - 1 cup milk - 6 eggs For its filling: - white cheese (beyaz peynir) or feta cheese - Half bunch of parsley - cup olive oil For its top: - 1 egg - cup olive oil - cup yogurt.

smoked eggplant salad

Patlicanli eksileme ve yogurtlama- Smoked eggplant salad with vegetables, olive oil and dried mint - refreshing, healthy and so delicious!

Kayseri Yağlaması-Lubrication Kayseri

Kayseri Yağlaması

lahana sarması

lahana sarması - yet another dish loved equally by the Greek Pontic people and the people of Turkey

Adana Kebabı

Adana Kebabı