More ideas from Dana

A paint-chip synonym garden! The colors on the paint strip are similar, but not exactly the same, just like the synonyms themselves. Love this! Think I'll try this next year and add an antonym to the last space, as suggested by the original poster.

Lucky-In-Learning Shop - | Teachers Notebook

This is a page that can printed for weekly spelling homework using a Tic-Tac-Toe board. My students have this in a page protector in their homework folder. They can choose any three activities as long as they form a line vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

complete incomplete sentence sorting

Complete/Incomplete Sentence sort - could be good at any grade. Also could display their own sentences and have them add to the chart. Or, have the sort by sentence structure.

"Guess my Animal"

Make a CLASS flip book with text above, staple on the left side. Turn page to reveal after reading clues. Would make a great class book. Guess my animal, food, etc.

Book Report Sandwich

Take a bite out of literature with this fun cheeseburger book report project from Unique Teaching Resources! This unique book report project measures 9 x 21 inches when the 7 layers of the cheeseburger have been assembled together.