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a poster with the words keep calm and cheer on in front of some other items
Cheer camp door decoration idea
this is an image of a photo collage made with scrapbook pages and paper
Cheer door signs for competitions Instagram @spiritexpressions
some little stars hanging from the ceiling
Andrew's Outer Space Birthday Party - Everyday Annie
Another year has flown by and at this point, I’ve stopped even trying to comprehend where the time is going. Our boy is seven. SEVEN! I’m sure I will blink … Read More
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The #1 Way to Reduce Stress When You Don't Have Time - Passionate Coach
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a group of women in blue uniforms with the words burnout on top of them
5 Secrets to Fix Burnout in Dancers
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a group of young women standing on top of a basketball court
Dance Team – Strength and Conditioning
Dance doesn't come easy; it's important to be physically fit for dance. Here are some tips on strength and conditioning in dance
an old photo with the words, you are on a team it's a family regardless if you like all of them or none of them
Kerri Walsh Jennings was five weeks pregnant during her Olympic gold-medal run
So true! :) love my team and so proud of each and every one of them! :) I'm very depressed that my cheer days are over!!! :'( I will miss cheering with the girls so much!
two girls in cheer uniforms with the text 10 essential off season tasks that will make your next year better
10 Essential Off-Season Tasks That Will Make Your Next Year Better - Passionate Coach
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a group of women in graduation caps and orange pom poms laying on the grass
Graduation pictures for dance team. Graduation pictures for cheerleaders. Senior pictures. Virginia Tech Hightechs Class of 2016. Kristen Cranham Photography.
a sign that is attached to a toilet paper dispenser with the words push, do your best to make our routine pop
Dance Team good luck gift - Push Pops More
an open pink and white case with writing on it next to a purple piece of paper
2019 Sports and Outdoor Gift Guide - Christmas Gifts for Everyone
ChrIstmas gift for my cheerleaders: at practice one day I had slips of paper for each girl and they wrote their name on one side and then they passed the paper around to everyone. They were told to write one word or phrase that describes that person. I didn't let them see the papers. I took them home and I wrote this poem then added all of the words and phrases to a mirror for each girl- that way when they look in that mirror they see what we see.
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How I Found Out That Mentoring is the Best Medicine - Passionate Coach
Coaching, mentoring, dance team, support, advice, teamwork, self care #danceteam #cheerteam #dancecoach #cheercoach #leadership