Collana con rotolini di stoffa

Daring tribal bib fiber necklace for unique ladiesYes! You have to be daring with a purpose to put on this nice, wealthy tribal fiber necklace.

Crochet necklace with  White Dasies and Hyacinths

Crochet necklace with White Dasies and Hyacinths

Frida Kahlo is an ever inspiration for us women. She was daring, exceptional and…

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Ethical Frida Kahlo statement fiber necklace, turquoise fiber necklace, ethnic fiber only necklace, metal free fabric necklace by Gilgulim on Etsy

Worldwide free shipping-Chrysanthemum-STREET di Gilgulim su Etsy

Worldwide free shipping-Chrysanthemum-STREET FASHION-Hand rolled fiber necklace

collana color

Diameters Are a Girl’s Best Friend Necklace by Karma Living - Multi, Statement, Folk Art - Modcloth - Jewelry - Freaking Awesome