little girl gone - chinchilla; dark horse - katy perry; diamonds - rihanna; tous les mêmes - stromae; e.t. - katy perry; enemy - imagine dragons; gangsta…
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The Right Hand of Corona

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Roomies to Organized Crime Pipeline

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❥ Her Shadow & His Star

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❥ If I let myself love you, I’ll forsake my Family

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+ Wanna be your victim, ready for abduction

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the tweet is posted to someone about their dog's behavior and how it affects them
several pictures of different types of hand cuffs and fingers with metal clasps on them
Finger & Hand Photo Gallery – Medical Art Prosthetics
A screenshot of a Tumblr post that reads: As much as I love 'I would kill for you', it kinds really loses its impact if the person sayign it is a villain who already kills at the slightest provocation. 'I would refrain from killing for you, I would spare them all if you asked me' is a very sexy alternative, and a much more powerful declaration of love coming from a character prone to violence. Writing, Tips, Wattpad, Discord, With Friends, Writing Memes, Writing Characters
I would Refrain for you
an image of a person with a quote on it that says, i like it's my fault love language is acts of service and all know how to do
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