Crochet vest pattern~k8~:


Basic granny square vest (Russian link does not go directly to this particular vest)

Ravelry: glisteningsnow's Irene - floral lace yoke cardigan (M) - twin

Irene - floral lace yoke cardigan by Vicky Chan Featuring a floral lace yoke and a lacy stripe pattern, this feminine three-quarter sleeve cardigan is equally lovely dressed up or down.

Lady boutique series №3536 2013 今编春夏 - 紫苏 - 紫苏的博客

This series Mi ta ni ッ Suites Kei Spring 2013 - Mo Yu - After Mo Yu braided garden

easy crochet

Easy to Crochet Bolero Jacket, Hook two pieces, join at the back and on the shoulders and wear.

crochet vest

I absolutely love this vest! If I only knew someone who could read Cyrillic for me. I am going rogue and going to try to figure it out on my own! No pattern