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Elektron& Octatrack is a beast of a sampler. It goes deeper than your average sampler and sequencer and deserves its own MIDI controller. The Arduino-based Mid

Cuban land snail

CUBAN LAND SNAIL (Priotrochatella stellata)©Adrián González Guillén Blaesospira is a genus of land snails with an operculum, terrestrial gastropod mollusks in the family Pomatiidae. This one is beautiful! Other Photos you may enjoy: Green Snail Cuban.

fuckyeahweirdbikes:  It’s a unicycle! Kinda not really. It’s a Monowheel. kateoplis:  1933 Motoruota Monowheel

Invented by M. Goventosa de Udine in the one wheeled motorcycle. Little is known about de Udine (not shown), even if he was the sole inventor. What is known is that this one wheeled motorcycle could reach speeds of How's that for scary steampunk!