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an older man sitting in a chair with his hands on his hips and wearing a star trek uniform
Twitter Thread: Quarantine Personalities as Star Trek Characters
the tweets on twitter are all different colors and font, but one is black
Star Trek: The Original Series Character Stats and Classes
Science Fiction, John Barrowman, Films, People
the star trek meme is shown with captioning for each person to see
an image of a man holding a cat in his lap and looking at the screen
two pictures of a man standing in front of a wall with the words love maknd written on it
an image of two men in star trek outfits and one is talking to another man
Star Trek
the star trek scene is shown with captioning from the movie's title
a man talking on a cell phone while wearing a hooded jacket and holding his hand up to his face
the back to the future movie poster is shown in three different colors and font options
the many faces of star trek's spock, from episode 2 to 3