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Use old milk caps, make placemats out of folders. Objective is to match the math sentence with the answer shown on the board


add and subtraction on the floor with hula hoops and balls - great idea for missing addends

Such a festive way to develop visual discrimination skills, pattern matching, logic and reasoning and more. I love how colorful and simple this activity is for the kids.

Matematik maquina de sumar

Discover thousands of images about This is a good idea! But instead of push pins you could do Velcro numbers so that you don't have to use something pointy that kids could step on

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12794602_1694989034074795_1917167862916877688_n.jpg (736×709)

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Come Make An Apple Puzzle With Me! A quick, easy and fun way to get your kiddo’s sequencing numbers is via a number puzzle, which is also great.