The Codex Vigilanus... Adam and Eve c 976

The Codex Vigilanus, Adam and Eve c. Maybe a twist on the temptation story, but with dice instead of an apple?

Mughal manuscript attributed to Abu’l Hasan, 1605-08. In the center a very large tree with mult-colored leaves filling most of the page. Squirrels scamper on the branches as a man attempts to get a foothold.

Squirrels in a Plane Tree. Ascribed to the artist Abu’l Hasan, Mughal India British Library Çınar ağacı

The Funeral of Caliph Suleyman the Law Giver/the Magnificent (1566 CE Ottoman Empire)

History of Sultan Suleyman 1579 (AH Istanbul, Turkey (Chester Beatty Library)

The Funeral of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, 1566

The Funeral of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, 1566 Tughs in distance in funeral procession.

Suleiman the Magnificent and the Battle of Mohacs, 1526-Hünernâme of 1588 by Lokman

century Ottoman miniature of the battle of Mohacs, fought between the Ottomans and Hungarians in most of the Ottoman army is unarmored Ottoman Galleon Türk El Sanatları Minyatür El Sanatı

Hans Memling (v. 1440-1494) : le massacre des Innocents. Détail de « L’avent et le Triomphe du Christ ». 1480. Huile sur bois, Munich, Alte Pinakothek.

MEMLING, Hans Advent and Triumph of Christ (detail) 1480 Oil on wood Alte Pinakothek, Munich