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The Cutest DIY Gingerbread Door Hanger | door | This is one of my favorite projects! She turned out so dang cute! And, she was so much fun to make. | By The Celebration Co. | Hello, you guys. Y'all happy Tuesday. Happy two. Let's see. It is almost noon here. So, happy Tuesday afternoon. Um since we are almost there just in a couple of minutes. Okay. So, I posted earlier, I went to Hobby Lobby this morning, I needed to get some things and before I went, I had an idea for what I wanted to make today. So, I picked up while I was there a kid's chef hat, okay? So, it was two dollarsand 99 cents. How cute is it? Y'all, it's super cute. It's a kid's chef hat, okay? Obviously. Um but anyways, so we're going to make something super cute with this you guys. Um so when you hop on, say hello. Let me know that you are watching. Let me get this pulled on my computer. Hi, Angela. Hi, Pam. Hello, you guys. Happy Tuesday. Hi, Judy. Hello, you guys. Good afternoon. Good morning. Um wherever you might be, hello. It is almost afternoon here but if you are in other time zone, then it's morning. So, good morning. Good afternoon, whatever it is where you are at. Hello, you guys. Okay. So, let's see who we have today. Um hi, Joanna. Hello, Nancy. Hey, Angela. Um hi, Amy. Hey, April, Ethel, Laura, and Debra. Hello, Sherry Wall, Carol Porter, Crystal, Tracy, Myrna, Marsha, Ronda, and Lisa. Hello, everybody. Hello to all of you. Lots of people already hopping on today and saying hi to me. Thank you for speaking to me. Y'all I'm just going to start out by saying I'm having a bad hair day today and I'm probably going to be messing with it because it's bad and I did have it up but then I took it down because it was giving me a headache. So, okay y'all. So, here's what we got. We are going to make a gingerbread face, okay? So, it's going to be sort of like a door hanger or like a wall hanging. Um I got so lots of you this morning. If you commented on my post, I posted a picture of my chef hat and said, I'm making today with my chef hat. What are your guesses? And so lots of people are saying gnomes. We're not doing a gnome but we are doing a gingerbread head. So a lot of people got like dangerously close to the correct answer. Um but so what we're going to do I found okay so I have this this little I got this at Dollar Tree y'all. It's 12 inch circle. Okay 12 inches. So it's a pretty good size. I got it at Dollar Tree and I knew I wanted to do a gingerbread head, okay? So, I wanted to do the face of a gingerbread man on this, okay? So, I looked up, I Googled because I just have to. I cannot envision a face in my head. Um so, I Googled it, Gingerbread Man face and all these different things came up but one thing that came up that I was just like, that is the cutest thing ever was this ornament where was the ornament hang on the ornament was it's on wayfare okay it's $8 and 60 cents that's how much the ornament cost but it is the cutest ornament ever and so what I want to do is try to do sort of the same thing but we're going to do it much bigger okay so I'm using that as my inspiration because I just loved it so so much and then going to do it much bigger of a scale, okay? So, I'm hoping, I'm hoping that it will turn out, okay? So, it's going to be slightly different y'all than the ornament obviously but we're going to have fun with this, okay? We're going to have fun. So, Imma turn on my glue gun. The first thing we're going to do is go ahead and paint the circle in a gingerbread color. So, this like I said is from Dollar Tree y'all, Dollar Tree and it's a twelve-inch round wood circle. It just has wood hanging decor on it. Thank you so much Barb Bonnie. I hope I said your name right. Um thank you so much. So this one here slightly inexpensive but it's not as inexpensive as a lot of mine usually are because so this was a dollar. The chef hat was three. It was not on sale at Hobby Lobby and it was with the it was with the like the stuff that you can like where the blank T shirts are and the bandannas. It was actually right above the bandanas, okay? Where there's like bags and shoes and things like that that you can either monogram or put mine on or anything like that. That's where this was, okay? So, $3 for the hat and then, I also grabbed these little candy canes, okay? They're not little. They're actually a pretty good size and they were regular six dollars at Hobby Lobby so they were three dollars, okay? So, so far this is 7, okay? That doesn't include ribbon and other things like that which is basically something I always have on hand. My ribbon I always have on hand. Things like that I generally have on hand. But so, for about under $10 is what this is going to be. So, it's a little bit more expensive than what my crafts typically are, okay? Alright. Yes, apparel. Thank you. Alright. So, hello, Barb. We're going to go ahead and just paint this to give us a gingerbread-like color. So, I'm going to start with my milk chocolate, okay? This is milk chocolate from Apple Barrel. And I'm just going to dump a bunch on here. Okay and I'm going to use a foam brush and we're just going to give this a good coat of paint. We want this to be completely coated and covered and then we'll probably have to do a second coat as well. Me too. I'm obsessed with the gingerbread stuff this year. Um I don't even know why but I just I'm kind of obsessed with it this year. The thing about it is though is I'm a little bit on the picky side y'all. I'm a very matchy matchy kind of person. I wish I was not but I really am and especially with my home decor, my Christmas decorations. So, I have stuck with with my ginger red tree in my kitchen and everything. It's all still red and white and then just the gingerbread color, okay? I think this is pretty good. I have been mixing it with the territorial beige to make it a little lighter but I think that looks really good actually. So, I'm going to dry this and we'll do a second coat. All raggedy Anne and Andy. So cute. I love that too. So, I'm going to be really punching myself outside the box on this one because we're going to hand paint the face, okay? We're going to hand paint it. So, I'm going to be copying directly off of something else because like I said, I can't envision that thing in my head. Um we are not making a cake, Barb. We are making a gingerbread man face. So, I'm really pushing myself outside my comfort zone with this one. Um Melissa, that would be super cute. So a lot of the stuff at Hobby Lobby that's gingerbread. It's got lots of green in it. Um and so I haven't bought a whole lot of gingerbread stuff from Hobby Lobby. I looked at one thing today. I put it back. I may end up getting it later. But it was a big gingerbread man that was stuffed. He was probably about this tall. Um and he was $15, which is not a bad price at all. Um but he had a little on his hat he had a little chef hat on his hat it was green and red stripes and then it had like a green holly with berries so I thought before I bought it or I didn't buy it before I like grabbed it to put in my cart I thought well what if I just take some ribbon some red and white ribbon and just cover that up and that way it's just red and white so I almost did that but I decided no I had spent enough money so I did do that. I might later. I don't know but think about things like that too you guys. If if you are like me and things need to be matchy matchy and all the colors have to match then consider how you could just change it so that you could make it work. Alright, second coat Okay, y'all. I got a little bit too much paint I think. Okay. There we go. Alright. So, let's try this a little bit. Yes, Marcella. It sure is. So, the territorial beige apple barrel and then the milk chocolate is apple barrel as well. This is a multi surface. I'm not sure if they have it in the regular one. The reason why I use the multi surface is because I use it a lot of the times for rust to look rust on metal objects and things. So, I get the multi surface so that it'll adhere better to different surfaces. Oh Lisa. I went to Dollar Tree this morning too. I went to a new Dollar Tree that I hadn't been to yet. And their Christmas stuff was super picked over. Super picked over. Um a lot of their shells were empty. They sure were. Wow, Barb. What a great deal. That's a really good deal. So, I'm going to let this just finish drawing on its own because we're going to work on the hats real quick, okay? So, what we're going to do with the hat, let me actually wipe, let me wipe my surface off real quick. No, Dawn. I actually didn't. Um I used that color a lot. I I mixed them a lot when I'm doing gingerbread men but today, I decided not to mix them. I just used the milk chocolate. I did not mix them today. So, I had it out because I thought I may use it but then as I was putting the milk chocolate on, I decided I just like the way that it looked. So, you can do it either way. You can mix them just to make it a little bit lighter. So, that's what I have done before is just mixed the two to make it a little lighter and I don't think I've got anything up here that I can show you where I've mixed it. Okay, so here's what we're going to do. Make sure my hands are clean. Um we are going to cut this in half, okay? So, if I wanted to make two of these, I could do that. So, maybe if you're doing em for like a door hanger or something like that, this would be good for that. So, we're going to cut it in half. So, I'm just going to, there's a Velcro here, okay? And cut that tag off. Okay. So, we are going to, let me see. I'm just sort of kind of trying to get the top folded to where I know where to cut and I'm literally just going to cut it from the seam, okay? And I'm just going to go all the way around. You don't have to do this but I'm going to show you why I am doing this. So, right in half. I did not cut any of the bottoms. So, all of the bottom seam is still intact. So, you can see it still looks very much like a chef hat. Now, what we're going to do, I am going to take some cardboard. Okay, this is just, it's actually from one of the Dollar Tree calendars. Just a piece of cardboard and I'm going to take a pencil and I'm just going to sort of make a kind of use this as a template and just make sort of a chef hat shape with my pencil. Okay. So, that's what that looks like. I don't know if you all can see that but we're going to take some scissors Pillsbury boy who makes Jimmy Cupcakes and Cakes. Um I'm going to take my scissors and I am not going to follow this exactly, okay? I'm just going to sort of use it as my size and I'm going to sort of just cut out something a little different. So, what I'm going to cut out though is going to be a little bit on the smaller side and I'm just using my scissors to cut this out. Let's see. I'm actually going to make it a smidgen smaller. And the top does not have to be like you don't have to have a perfectly brown top. This is not, this doesn't have to be perfect, okay? What this is going to do is give our hat some structure so that it'll hold up. Let's see. I just want to make sure. Let's see. I don't want that one because that one's got the Velcro on it. Let's do this one. Alright. Just want to make sure that this will fit and it sure will. So, what I'm going to do first is I'm going to hot glue it to my cardboard and I'm just going to fold it over the edges, okay? Hello, you guys. Hi, Jen Glenn. She says she's new to watching. Thank you so much for watching. I'm so glad to have you on. So, I'm just going to glue the bottom portion. So, the this part of my hat, okay? That part we want to be nice and flat. We don't want that part poofy and I'm just going to fold over my ends, okay? Just with some hot glue. Oh goodness, Amy. I am so glad that you are better. That you are recovering. Goodness gracious. Just did that. Now, like I said, you totally don't have to cut it in half if you don't want to. The the hat. It's up to you. So, what I'm going to do is take some batting and we're going to fill this top portion up a little bit and then seal it all in so that we've got a little bit of volume in here. And then we'll just pull the fabric over and just hot glue it on the back. Yes, we're, I don't know someone said something. Um we are making a Gingerbread Man face and it's going to be sort of like a wall hanging or like a door hanger and so we're starting. We've got our circle, okay? Painted. This is going to be the hat, alright? So, we want to I wanted it to be flat on one side so it lays flat. So, we just cut the chef hat right in half from Hobby Lobby and I'm just gluing it to a piece of cardboard and I've stuffed the inside as well. Look how cute this is looking y'all. Look at that. Cute little chef hat. Okay. Last little bit. You could definitely use this as a tree topper I think. I think that would be really cute. Okay. Here we go. Let me just get the strings off and show you what it looks like Okay. So, here is our chef hat. Alright. So, our chef hat is going to be going right up here. Y'all see it coming together. It's coming together. So, we're going to set this aside and we are going to work on our face. So, Lynn, the hat came from Hobby Lobby in the apparel section in the section where you can buy unfinished T shirts like blank T shirts that you can put vinyl on. There's like bandanas and backpacks and bags of all different kinds in that section. Alright, let me just give this a quick another dry because it's not quite completely dry. Okay, y'all. Tina, it was great. It was really good to see him again. I had missed him so much. Um but no, I I ended up meeting him somewhere so I didn't have to wait any longer. Um okay. So, I'm going to make sure that my holes for this are up at the top because my hat will cover those holes up once I put it on here, okay? Um so, I want to make sure they're they're up at the top, okay? Alright. So, here's the thing you guys. Um we're going to start with our face and I may miss a lot of y'all's comments because I'm going to be maybe I can bring em both up. Let me see if I can bring em both up. Okay, hang on just one second. Let me play with this. Here we go. Alright, let me make the screen smaller. Okay, just a second y'all. I'm almost there. Okay, here we go. Alright, perfect. Alright, I can see your comments and I can see the gingerbread face that I'm trying to mimic. I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. Alright, but let's do this. So, I'm going to use a pencil. Not that one. That one needs some lid. Okay. I'm going to use a pencil and I'm going to see if I can't draw the face on first. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to go ahead and put my hat on here so that I know where the face needs to be, okay? So, let's see. I'm going to draw some circles or some ovals for the eyes. So, is this pencil? It's not going to show up you guys. Hang on a second. Let me find something else that will show up. Maybe a pen. See if a pen will show up. Okay, yes. A pen will show up. Alright. So, I'm going to do two ovals for the eyes. And I'm going to try. See, this is what happens when you're lefty. I've gotta flip this over. So I can make em look the same. Or at least close Okay. Alright, I think that's good. So, we got two little egg-shaped eyes. Alright and then we're going to do a little oval nose but it's going to be sideways like a little button nose Okay, like that. And then chalk would be great great idea Cindy That would be a great idea. Colored pencil. Great. Y'all have so many great ideas. Okay. So then, I'm going to be doing it all in black so I think it's fine that I'm using a pen. Alright, we're going to do the little mouth which is kind of interesting. I hope I can make this work. So, the mouse See, I'm totally copying this picture y'all. I hope hope that's not illegal. Alright. Um he's got sort of a interesting little mouth here y'all. The thing is, if I mess up, I can always paint over it, right? Alright. So then, it's got sort of y'all bare with me as I'm just sort of talking to myself here. That's not bad. That ain't bad. Okay. So, let me show you. So, we got our outline. That's the main part. That's the main thing. Okay. Oh goodness. So, the next part. The painting part which scares me so much but we're going to do it anyways. We're going to do it anyways. Okay. So, I need some black. I need some red. We're going to do the nose first because it's the easiest. Imma start with the the red and we're also going to need some white. And we may even do some blue. Okay. So, start with the red. We're going to do a red nose. First off, let me find a paint brush. Let's see how this goes y'all. Pray for me. This could be an epic disaster. I'm just being completely honest with y'all. This could be a disaster. We shall see. So, Imma just start by filling in the nose. And we're going to outline it in black. I may end up using a permanent marker even that might be easier. And we're going to need two coats for sure of the red I'm using a small brush y'all as well I think it'll be a little easier to control and not mess up. That's right, Amy. I sure don't. Mine's not going to look like it anyways. It's it's I guarantee you it's not going to look like it but we're going to we're going to do our best. It kind of looks a little crooked to me. Let me see if I can fix that. Looks a little bit a little crooked. Alright, Imma dry it real quick. That's right, Sandy. That is right. Okay. So, Imma do a second coat. Y'all can see it's still awfully sparse. I actually need three coats you guys. But I do love to do stuff like this y'all if I see something that I'm just like oh my goodness I love that or even just how this this ornament is inspiring me to make something like this it's it's much a larger scale this could be an ornament absolutely if you have a large tree but you know I have been inspired by this other ornament that I saw It's getting there. It's a wood surface, Brenda. So, this little this little circle came from Dollar Tree. It came from Dollar Tree. It's a 12-inch circle. It's just like an MDF. A little piece of MDF. It's nothing nothing special. Hobby Lobby has some thicker. Actually, used it while I was there to see if the chef hat was going to be big enough. Um they like some thicker like one-inch thick plaques that you could use as well for this. I don't remember how much they were. I don't think I look. Thank you, Cathy. That's so sweet of you. Alright, we're almost there. I think we need just a little bit more. Just a little bit more and I'm thinking about, I don't know. No, I don't think I will. I was thinking about possibly adding some shading but I think I'm just going to do a highlight. And I think I'm going to try my permanent marker and see if I can make that work. Um this would be a good place for paint pens as well. If you have paint pens, use em for something like this. Okay. Let's see if this is good or not. I think it'll be just fine. Y'all I'm definitely going to put the eyes off to last. There's some spots that look bare. Okay. So, there is the nose. Um we're going to use a little bitty tiny brush and we're going to just make a little highlight with some white. So, I'm just going to take my white. This is just apple barrel white and we're just going to make a little highlight on the nose. Thank you, Linda. This little bitty tiny brush that I'm using came from Dollar Tree. So, just a little little highlight there and then, we will outline it in black. So, I've got a good Sharpie marker here. It's got a good tip on it. Thank you, Carol and we're going to just outline it in the Sharpie. Because I think it's going to be way easier. Than using a brush. Okay and that worked really good. That worked really good. Okay. So, for the mouth, I think I'm just going to use the Sharpie and I'm just going to outline do the mouth with the Sharpie. I'm not sure if I'm going to fill it in with the Sharpie or not. And then he's got some cute little dimples. Okay. Let's try doing it with the Sharpie and if it doesn't work, well, we'll just get the paint out. Dolores, thank you for the stars. Okay. I think that works just fine y'all. Alright, so there you go. Easy hack. Okay. Oh boy. These eyes. Okay, y'all. I can do this. Okay. Do it. So, I'm going to grab a dark blue. Um which one. I'm going to do this one here. Okay and I'm going to grab just a little cup here. I know I wish more people would believe how dangerous this is. Oh, y'all must be talking about the virus. Okay. So, let me clean out my brush. Get another one. Thank you, Barb. I hope he comes out cute. Okay. So, I'm going to take my dark blue. I'm actually, I think I'm going to add just a little bit of black because it's not quite as dark as I wanted to be. I wanted to be almost black. And anytime I can when I'm doing something detailed like this, I prefer to use acrylic paint not chalk paint. I feel like chalk paint is harder to move around and so and I think that acrylic paint ends up just looking better than chalk paint. So, I usually try to use acrylic. Okay. So, I just mixed some of that navy blue. I'm using Apple Barrels English Ivy with some black. So, it's really nice and dark. The little paint cups Kim come from Amazon. Amazon. Alright. So, we are going to start by filling in just one side of the eye with the dark blue like almost black, dark blue. So, this is what I'm doing so far, okay? See how it's not black but it's it's just super dark. Super dark. So, I'm just going to fill in that side and it's going to be exactly the same on the other side. It's not going to be mirrored. Guess this works out for you all my lefty downfalls. The results of being a left be having to flip your flip your board around Lisa, you can do it. I promise. You just gotta take your time and remember, it's only paint so you can always paint over it and try again. Alright, let's see how we're looking. Let's see here. The good thing is y'all, with using the Sharpie to outline it, you don't have to worry so much about whether or not it looks really good because you're just going to come back with that Sharpie and go around the outside. So, if your outside edge sort of messes up a little bit or you're not happy with it, Well, we're going to cover part of it up with the Sharpie. Okay. So, I don't think that with this, we need to be doing a second coat. I think it's, I think that's pretty good. Alright. So, then, we're going to make it even lighter and we're going to sort of try to blend it together. So, we're going to come in with the blue I'm using the same brush but I'm going to try to get that blue sort of in the middle. And I'm just going to sort of try and blend them together a little. So, it's not like a drastic, you know, like a straight line difference, okay? It just sort of looks like it's just sort of you know, kind of all melded together. So, I think that that is working. Thank you, Barb. I haven't done very many gingerbread faces. So, I think you may be right. And we want to leave sort of like a crescent shape that's unpainted for now because that spot is going to be even lighter. So, let me show y'all. How this is looking so far, okay? So, we're not, we're not done yet. I'm going to just make sure it's filled in There's not too much of that gingerbread color showing through. Okay, so then, we're going to go even lighter. So, I'm going to wipe my brush off and now we're going to use some white. So, I'm just going to put little bit of white in my little container this time we're going to mix the blue with the white instead of the blue with the black to get a light blue and I'm just using the same color. I don't know if it's the right choice or not. We'll see. Thank you, Tina. Um I don't know that I'm impressed by myself yet but I appreciate that. We'll have to see how this turns out. Okay. So, this is now going to be, it's like you're taking that sort of oval and separating it into three pieces. Okay. So, like this, okay? I feel like my middle might need to be a little lighter. Looks like it's a little bit too dark. I love it, Amy. And you could just use if you wanted to three different colors like if you just had three blues that you wanted to use I just thought for me, this would be easier. Okay, that one's like way lighter. So, let me let me make that a little darker. Let me make it a little darker so that they match. I might kind of like it just a smidgen darker or lighter I mean. Imma come in with a little white over here. I don't know. I'm just playing with the jaw. Okay. I'm going to make the center. Now that it's dried, it really looks pretty dark. So, I'm going to see if I can lighten up the center a little. With I'm just using the navy. I'm not even putting any black in it. And I didn't rinse out my brush either so there maybe a little bit of white that's getting on it but that's okay. I think it's looking better. Okay. I'm going to dry it. It's looking pretty good. I'm pretty well happy with it so far but I got this raw spot and I can't get covered up. I used flag red for the nose. So, it's Apple Barrels Flag Red. Alright, let me see if I can't cover this up a little bit more. There we go. That looks better. Thank you, Margaret. Thank you all so much. That looks good. Okay, here's how it's looking right now. So, I'm going to go ahead and dry this and then we're going to use our Sharpie and we're going to give her a lot more possessive. I think it's going to be a girl based on the face the face looks a little girly. So, we're going to outline the whole thing with our Sharpie Be sure you're using, if you're using a Sharpie that you've got a good Sharpie with a good tip on it. And the Sharpie is going to hide some of my imperfections. Okay, so there's the first one. Just outlined, okay? We're not done. I'm just going to outline em first and you could use paint to outline with. That was my original goal but then I thought that's going to be way too difficult. Way too difficult. Okay. Alright. So, there they are outlined. So, now, we're going to I'm going to do an outline on the lighter part, okay? So, I'm just going to take my Sharpie and we're just going to make a little bit of a line, okay? Separating the two. Okay, like that. Now, comes the fun part y'all. We're going to give her some little eyelashes, okay? She needs some little flickering eyelashes. So, right up here at the top, we're just going to to sort of make three little flickers I think I'm going to make em a little longer and a little bit thicker. So, I'm just kind of going over em a few times to kind of thicken the base up Look how cute this is looking. Okay. So then, she's got her lower lashes We're going to do Alright, so there's the lower lashes. Alright, we're going to do the same thing on the other side. Hopefully So, you want this sort of the top of the lash to be thin but have a little bit thicker at the base. It's kind of what I'm trying to do. So, what it does is on the other side, it comes out the other way. So, see, this is why I need a picture to look at because I just, I would have that all wrong. It would be all wrong. Okay. So, there's our eyelashes. Now, we need to give her a little sparkle. So, we've got some white, alright? And I'm going to use my little bitty tiny brush again. Um I'm going to start with putting some little highlights in her eyes, okay? So, right up by her eyelashes I got some right over here. I'm going to use the back of my brush. Dip it in my paint. Um That's right, Glenda. Um I'm going to just put a little dot right up at the top there and then just down from that, I'm going to do another dot. A smaller one. I'm not really sure if that's what it did on the picture or not but that's what we're doing, okay? Little smaller dot. I'm going to do the same thing on the other side in the same location. Y'all, I need this bigger. Get bigger for me. You need to get bigger. Hang on y'all. Trying to see. Okay. Okay. Alright. So, I think what else we need to do. I'm really trying to make her look as good as possible. So, I'm using this picture to the best of my ability. Um Carol, thank you for the stars. Um Glenda, you're talking about it's amazing what you can do when you go outside of your comfort zone. I want to tell you guys this. This is a saying that I say all the time. I learned it when I was selling Color Street and that is there is no growth inside the comfort zone. So, anything that's scary is generally something that is going to allow you to grow and so that is a motto that I live by for sure. Okay, y'all. So, I'm going to take my little brush and we're going to get some white going and I'm going to put a little bit of white right next to the Sharpie line that we put in the middle of the eye. So, I'm just going to take a little bit just right up next to it with my little bitty tiny brush Okay and I'm going to do the same thing on the other side. Okay. So, there we go. Okay. Now, we gotta give her some eyebrows and we're going to do that with the white paint. So, let me draw this real quick. So I don't make a mess. Okay. So now, we are going to do the eyebrows. So, we're going to do just some white and Let's see. I'm just using my little bitty brush here for this. I'm trying to kind of make it somewhat eyebrow shape so that it's thicker towards the middle of the face and a little bit thinner towards the end. Which is why a little bitty brush is huge, okay? It's getting there. It's getting there y'all. Okay. Let's do the other side. Nerve racking. Struggling with doing it upside down. Okay. Think we're good. Thank you, Susie and thank you for watching. Almost got it done. Alright, I'm pretty happy with that. Okay. So, the mouth is a little bit different. Um but I don't know how to do the mouth so in this particular ornament it that I am using as my inspiration it is made of felt and it's got like some almost like blush tone almost like blush it's that real sort of diffused around the cheeks and around the eyes and then there's like a little bit under the mouth I don't know that there's a way I can make that happen and so, I think I'm going to leave it just as it is and we're going to do some cheeks because it needs cheeks, right? And then, I think, I think I'm pretty happy with it. What do you all think? I think it's looking pretty good. I'm liking it. So, let's figure out how we're going to do some cheeks. The cheeks on this one are honestly like a red. Trying to think. Trying to think. What to do? What to do? You know what I'm kind of wondering y'all. Hang on just a second. Just kind of wondering about about some chalk. So, here's my question. Has anyone ever tried this? What if you take chalk and use it on this surface and then if I come back over top of it with like a clear coating, would it hold the chalk on? Um because I'm wondering about got some chalk. Um I want to test it. Is that even going to work? I don't know. Let's try this kind. Y'all I hate the feel of chalk. That's what I need. I need a makeup brush up here. I don't have a makeup brush up here. But I'm just going to keep diffusing it a little bit. I think that works, right? I feel like that works. Um so, I'm going to just keep going with that. So, this is regular sidewalk chalk y'all. Regular old sidewalk chalk. I don't want it to be too much. But I think this will work pretty good and then what I can do if I'm if I'm worried about it coming off is I can just go in with some spray of some kind and hopefully that will work well enough to hold that on. So, I'm just curious though. If I could do the little thing around the eyes that's in this little picture with my chalk. Hang on y'all. Let's try. Let's try it. Let's just try it, okay? It's chalk. I mean, agree. So, I'm going to take my little chalk here and go sort of around the eyes. Just up underneath them, okay? Like this and then, I'm just going to take a brush and just sort of try to diffuse this out. This may diffuse too much. I don't know. Okay, that works. This is not the right brush for it in all honesty but it does sort of work. It's almost like it gives it a little bit of shadowing. See that? It would look cute with freckles. Oh my goodness. Okay and the other one Okay. So, Look at that. Oh my goodness. That actually worked. Okay. That worked. It adds a little dimension. Yeah. Okay, let's see if we can do it under the mouth. The mouth is very strong. The the way it looks under the mouth. I'm going to use my finger. If it doesn't look right, we'll just wipe it all off, right? I don't know about this. So, the one on the picture, it's got a little black line under the shadowing and then like a little white highlight. Does that look right or does that look weird? Y'all tell me. I feel like I might like it actually. I don't know. Y'all tell me what you think. Do you like that or not? Do you like the chalk underneath the mouse or no? Okay. Rick Rack. I bought at the dollar or not the dollar at Hobby Lobby some giant Rick Rack. I'm thinking that I'm going to put the Rick Rack around. Oh yes. Around the face. Okay, y'all like that, okay? Barb says no. Um Okay. I'm I'm trying to decide if I should leave it just as it is or if I should put do the marks like I wish I could show you guys this cute little ornament. Um someone says it's goatee. We don't want it to be a goatee. To me it almost just looks like it's lips that's what it looks like to me is its little lip and like his mouth is open I think I'm going to leave it just like this. I'm not even going to touch it any further because I don't want to mess it up y'all. I'm going to lighten it just a little. I just lightened it up a smidge. Okay. Alright, there we go. Okay. Let's do our, let's put this thing together, okay? Let's put it all together. Oh no. My hot glue gun went off. Darn it y'all. Darn it. Darn it. Darn it. Alright, plug in my squeak glue gun. Okay. So, let me wipe my hands off before I touch this white hat. Alright. Let's look at our hat and see what we want to do. So, our hat's going to just go on just to wear the each side meets up with the circle, okay? And we'll just hot glue that on once my hot glue gun is working. So then, I've grabbed these little candy canes from Hobby Lobby and I want to take one of them. I'm just going to take this ribbon. I'm just going to pull it out, okay? And I want to take one of the candy canes. I don't know which one. Let me see. Might like the red one better. Okay? And then, I've got another little gingerbread man. I don't know if I'm going to use him or not. We'll see but we are going to use a bow and I'm going to do I think I'm going to use, let's see. I picked up some ribbons today. I just gotta decide. I'm going to use this one actually. So, this ribbon is in the ribbon section with y'all this hair. Oh my goodness. Sorry. Sorry, it looks so terrible. Um the candy canes were 599 regular price. So, they were 3. Alright. So, we're going to take our ribbon. This came from Hobby Lobby. The not the ribbon by the fabric but the ribbon by the floral. And we're going to just make a simple bow, okay? I think I'm going to do since this is double sided, I'm just going to do a regular old bow Okay. Love it. Alright, let me just trim this. Let's see here. Alright. So, the bow is going to go on the little candy cane. And then, do I want to do, I don't know if I want to do the other one or not. Sorry y'all. I'm thinking. Did you ever make a tutorial on how to make bows? Barbara, I've done a few different tutorials on how to make bows for sure. Um so, you might just be able to search for that in our group okay? Alright, y'all. Let's see if my hot glue gun's warmed up yet so I can put this on. Alright, I think I'm going to just put the glue onto the top of the gingerbread head and then because it's got cardboard on it, we are able to just push that right on and it's going to hold its stability, okay? So, it's going to keep its shape. Can you make a small gingerbread man a little darker yeah I know Deborah I think that's what I don't like about that is that it's so light oh shoot I meant to do my Rick Rack oh well we'll make it work alright Imma go ahead and do the Rick Rack so giant Rick Rack this is $399 at Hobby Lobby it was it's 50% off this week it's called decorative trim but I think I can just hide the end of that. Right up here in the hat. Pull this off a little bit so I can get it in there. Right angle. Okay. Alright. Imma put a little hot glue under here so I can get my rick rack started. No, Linda. Unfortunately, the chef hat came from Hobby Lobby. It was 299 at Hobby Lobby. Alright, y'all. So, we're going to take our Rick Rack and we're going to go all the way around our gingerbread head. You could paint this on as well if you wanted to but I kind of like to have a little bit of something like a little bit more texture on the face and you don't have to use the giant either, the jumbo. You could use you could use just the regular Rick Rack but I think that squiggly lines are hard to paint. So, I just chose to use the real deal. And rick rack just curves so beautifully with the circle that you don't have you know little puckers Alice, the gingerbread the circle, we actually painted the head and then the circle came from Dollar Tree. So, it's just a wooden circle. You know what else I I bet you could use if you didn't have the wooden circle is a Dollar Tree pizza pan. I think that would work for this as well. Goodness gracious y'all. This is cute. Alright. Let me just cut. Alright. Okay, let me show you how it's looking so far. We just gotta finish all of the embellishments. Oh my goodness y'all. It looks a lot different than the other one but it's still cute. It's still super cute. You want out of a lid from a pot or a pan. Absolutely anything round y'all. Anything round. I feel like you could do this with Alright, let's just play with this because I may end up doing something different than what's on the picture because I think I kind of like that better. So, I'm going to take both of these candy canes. We're going to put em together. Um so, I'm just going to put a little hot glue and lay one on top of the other and then I'm just going to take a piece of jute just to like help it a little bit better. Help it stay secured. We're going to put a bow on it so it's not a big deal. You won't be able to see it. Yes, Mary and Beth, even a paper plate. You know what else would be cute is to use some felt y'all. Use some felt for this and stuff it or even burlap, you know, that would be really cute. For a door hanger as well. Okay. So, I'm going to we're going to glue these on and then we're just going to put our bow on the candy canes. Okay. So, I just crisscross them. I'm going to put some hot glue onto the back of the bottom candy cane. And I'm just hot gluing it directly to our hat. Imma put my bow right on to my candy canes. This is cute you guys. I don't think it needs anything else honestly. I think it's pretty darn cute just like this. Oh my goodness. Y'all, how cute is that? Do you know what's funny? Do you know what's funny? Is that that's funny. I don't think I'm going to do it but what's funny is on my phone, someone had put some heart emojis in their comment and it it was going up and it was kind of getting translucent and I could see these little hearts on his cheeks and I thought, oh that's super cute. I could put little hearts on his cheeks. I don't know that I'm brave enough to do it but wouldn't that be cute? That would be super cute. I wonder if I have any hearts. Let me see if I have any hearts y'all. Hang on a second. You know what? I forgot I have I think some little wooden hearts. This way, I could see what it looks like without having to paint it without having to put it right on. Okay, I gotta test this out. I gotta see. Gotta see. I gotta see. Let's see. Okay. What the heck? Imma paint this red real quick and see what it looks like. That's cute. That is cute. We're doing it. Little red heart. It's just a little wooden red heart y'all. How cute. Oh my goodness it's so cute okay so also the the little ornament that I am look that have been looking at okay has a heart up on its hat as well it's like a little glittery heart so something like that could possibly even be cute on his little hat her little hat I'm sorry but so this is what the back looks like so this is the reason why we did the cardboard so that our hat has some stability but y'all I'm super in love with how this turned out I'm super in love with it so What you can do, okay? Is let's see. I think I'm going to use it as a door hanger. So, let's put on the back just like a little piece of ribbon I know. Now, I need a boy. Oh goodness. Um let's see. Let me take a little piece of just like some old ribbon and I'm just going to make just a little bit of like a hook on the back. So, I'm just going to glue it right to the back of the hat. So, I'm just going to put a little bit of hot glue on each end. And I'm going to leave just a little bit of space so it's not like super tight. There's a little bit of a gap like this, okay? So, now I can just hang that onto a wreath hook, a wreath hanger or if I want to hang it on my wall, y'all how cute. If I want to hang it on my wall, then, I could just put a command hook on my wall and then just stick this onto the command hook. So, super lightweight. So, you're not going to have to worry about, you know, a cheap even a Dollar Tree Command hook would work for this because it's so lightweight but I am super happy with how this turned out. I truly did not know if it was turned out or not but it looks adorable y'all. So darn cute. So darn cute. So, alright you guys. Thank you so much for watching. I'm going to hop off here. I hope you all enjoyed this fun little craft. I know I sure did and I have another half here that I could use for another one if I wanted to. Alright, y'all have a fabulous day. I will talk to you guys later on. See ya. Bye.