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Hillary Clinton is making it very obvious that she and her campaign is worried about Bernie Sanders' candidacy for president.

This is so true. Most corrupt politician ever! Hillary

WHY is she getting away with it, EVERY time! She must be paying out a lot of"blood"money to some scared, dishonest and money grubbing politicians! Let's get rid of the political corruption in our country, VOTE TRUMP! Stupid People, We The People, Pathological Liar, Crooked Hillary, Political Views, Political Corruption, Political Quotes, It Goes On, Conservative Politics

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Liberals Flip Out At Vanity Fair For Making Critical Video Of Hillary Clinton

Sorry about the profanity...this is her norm:(

She'll Say Anything, And Change Nothing" -Obama : The_Donald knows how Hillary fate of jumping the hoops will bring her to Justice. YOU HAVE BEEN SERVED! Now tell the truth or else we'll have to pluck it out ourselves! Illuminati, Truth Hurts, It Hurts, Crooked Hillary, Political Quotes, Political Cartoons, Political Comedy, Political Images, Political Corruption

Hillary Clinton's greatest Political Accomplishment

We all know the one thing she is good at and Bubba knows the one thing she is not good at!

hahahaaha let the political jokes begin! (If you do, save the dress for show and tell! Satan, Monica Lewinsky, Are You Serious, Funny Quotes, Funny Memes, Random Quotes, Liberal Logic, Stupid Liberals, Out Of Touch

She Hillary Clinton Is No Better Than Anyone Still Protesting The Election.. She Should Have Thanked Them Her Supporter's and Told Them To Accept The Loss As American's. Not Socialist Nazi 's Fighting to Get Thier Way.

*( ͡ ͡° ͜ ͡ ͡° )* Crooked Hillary.She call TRUMP a Liar after her Millions of Lies


False claim: Hillary Clinton using foul language to insult Michelle Obama in an e-mail to Chelsea Clinton. Hillary Clinton Email, Chelsea Clinton, Truth Hurts, It Hurts, Crooked Hillary, Liberal Logic, Liberal Left, Clinton Foundation, Conservative Politics

How does a person look at her body of work, and still support a person like Hillary Clinton?

The Difference Between Ben Carson and Maxine Waters Perfectly Explained - The Political Insider Maxine Waters, Liberal Logic, Liberal Hypocrisy, Socialism, Politicians, Ben Carson, Out Of Touch, Conservative Politics, Funny Politics

Maxine Waters is a socialist race baiter. Typical liberal California representative who became a wealthy politician and lectures how wrong capitalism is. Ugh...

The rise of Donald Trump and rebirth of American Nationalism. Beginning of the end of Political Correctness.

#DrainTheSwamp #hillary #clinton #trump . . .Check out my Variety Blog ===>

The LANDSLIDE is over bitch, and so are you. President Trump has a MANDATE and you libtards aren't included. Funny Memes, Jokes, Hilarious, Funny Pins, Funny Stuff, Liberal Logic, Stupid Liberals, Conservative Politics, Thats The Way

Loose to obastard...strike one, loose to President Elect Trump...strike two, loose in a recount with no way to win before you start only because Jill Stein managed to get millions overnight from the Clinton crime thugs money laundering foundation........strike three, you're out..bitch!! Now go away, your only accomplishment in life was to be the founding member of the bimbo express

Unfortunately this is what Hillary Clinton thinks about the next generation. You honestly want a president that considers embryos forming into children not being human? Can you afford that?

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