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an elf is sitting on top of a car washer
an elf is sitting on top of a toilet paper roll that says,'single bells your pop smells '
Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Kids - HubPages
two elfs are sitting in the refrigerator with signs on their head and one is holding a sign that says help me, the milk has gone bad
100+ Funny Elf On The Shelf Ideas - RecipeMagik
an elf is hanging on the christmas tree
an elf is holding up a sign next to a pan filled with candy and marshmallows
Elf on the Shelf: Candy for Breakfast
an elf is sitting on the floor next to some candy canes and other items
Elf on the Shelf fun
a christmas decoration on the wall next to a fireplace
Elf on the shelf
an elf is playing with marshmallows on the floor
an elf in a box with candy canes
Elf on the shelf. Easy idea
two elfs hanging from the ceiling with christmas lights
Elf on the Shelf: SIBLING RIVALRY
the elfs are getting ready to eat their treats