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Try This 30 Day Plank Exercise for Beginners to Help You Get a Flat Belly and Smaller Waist

Flat Belly - Try This 30 Day Plank Exercise for Beginners to Help You Get a Flat Belly and Smaller Waist Old Husband Uses One Simple Trick to Improve His Health

10 Reasons to Do a Headstand Every Day

Do you know what your yoga mat is made of? Make sure your yoga mat is organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Check out our brand new TPE Eco-Friendly, Non-Slip, Anti-Bacterial Yoga M (Yoga)

9 Yoga Inversions to Help You Nail a Handstand

A walk through simple yoga inversions to get used to bearing the weight of your body. Along the way, you will discover ways to balance and feel the strengthening benefits of inverting!

1,977 "Μου αρέσει!", 97 σχόλια - Jasmine Chong (@jasmine_yoga) στο Instagram: "#JasmineYogaTutorial : #ShivaPose When I first saw this pose on Instagram, I couldnt figure out…"

: Tips : stretch your hamstrings in forward folds. Hold for at least 3 minutes open your hips in pigeon pose. Hold for at least 3 minutes start with your bottom foot in slightly closer to begin hook your leg up as high up your shoulder as possible

Flexible Space, or movable walls, are changing the world of design. For those who live in very small spaces, the flexible walls offer an ideal solution for storage as well as optimal space utilization. Now, IKEA has introduced its own version of the "wall" and they did an outstanding job.

Sliding walls: Suddenly a tiny city apartment, which doesn’t offer an official bedroom, can become a space with these pretty partitions by Ikea. Not only does this mean convenience and privacy for those who …

love this painter

love this painter - just a plain ole rock that because someone saw something else, and it became that person's vision.a frog.love it I wish I had the "vision" to see beyond the stone and shape!