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Pinning to test this. okay I'm editing it now after pinning it and it didn't work on me, but my friend who sent it to me said it worked on her, so I guess it works on some.lest see if this works

I just pinned this cause of the fun eye tests and to just state, don't believe in all the tests and stuff that these type of pins make up, if you believe hard enough then you can make your wishes come true on your own.

Pinned this just for the last sentence. "I think the other fandoms are calling a therapist for us..." Yep.

I think the other fandoms are on the verge of calling a therapist for us.<--THERAPIST: so, you're in another insane fandom? ME: yes, it appears Demigods are more insane than Sherlockians.( I friends with two Sherlockians)