TC Defne Yılmaz

TC Defne Yılmaz

TC Defne Yılmaz
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Sonic Wand - Harry Potter's wand meets Doctor Who's sonic screwdriver. It's even better than I imagined it. <-----WUT

When Doctor Who meets Harry Potter: DIY Sonic Wand & TARDIS box I don't know if I should pin this to my Whovian board or my Harry Potter board!

Ten Things you Didn’t Know about LEGO® #lego #legominifigure #legoinformation

Ten Things you didn’t know about LEGO - The History of LEGO. Actually LEGO are opening a factory in China now, but only so they can easily supply the growing Chinese market.


Surfing in Lego bricks and plates. How do you build a Lego wave? The ageless colorful plastic pieces are being used to create innovative surf Lego designs. Welcome to the Surf Legoland and check out the coolest surfing Lego constructions.