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Make the most of your summer vacation while you are in college with these tips to help you enjoy and not regret your break!

Warm weather is around the corner, the semester has ended and finals are over (thank goodness)! Whether you are spending the summer abroad, at an internship, doing research, or hanging in your home…

College Bucket List

These are 30 awesome experiences everyone should have in college. This is my college bucket list and I hope it inspires you to make your own and gives ideas

Provides information on taking your pet on the road, including how to book lodging and how to keep your pet safe and happy.

5 Things You Should Do on the First Day of College Classes

5 Things You Should Do on the First Day of College Classes - Newly graduated high school students and those returning to college soon, listen up! These 5 tips will help pave the way for a strong semester (I'm talking making better grades, building connect

College is an exciting adventure — you're moving away from home, meeting new people, and finally getting a true taste of independence (and lots of Easy Mac). For four years, you'll be cramming a ton of knowledge — both academic and otherwise — into your h

dorm room tips tricks

Use red duct tape to easily locate boxes that need to be opened first! Also maybe put a color duct tape in each room and as you pack use that color on the boxes so you know which boxes go together in each room. Color code with tape according to room

How Not To Be An Asshole: College Class Edition - ew & pt

You never want to be THAT dude in a college class who frankly is sending off some asshole vibes. Here's how not to be an asshole: college class edition.

Collegiate's Guide to Skipping Class - When To Skip Class // ew & pt

Wondering when to skip class? Here's the guide on how to skip class without falling behind and here's exactly how to do it.