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“They (the Sufis) have been the strictest adherents to the sacred law, but they have a wonderful principle: that is be hard on yourself and be gentle with other people.

Embroidered Fabric, 1861 (Sultan Abdulaziz'in Tahta Çıkışı Anısına Yapılmış Sırma İşlemeli Bir Pano)

Embroidered square velvet panel, Late-Ottoman, 'Goldwork' in 'Maraş işi'-technique. With the 'tuğra' (official seal) of Sultan Abdulaziz in the center.

Turkish lucky charms ( nazar boncugu )

It is common in the Turkish culture to give a gift of a blue nazar Boncugu (nazar boncuk) or the evil eye bead as it is more widely known.