Tiger/cherry blossom/waves

If whatever illness I have turns out to be lupus, I would like to get a Siberian Tiger tattoo. Siberian tigers are the only animals that hunt wolves. The cherry blossoms carry meaning for me, too.

Acem Çengisi Maverdi Kolbaşı, minyatür   Persian Dancing Woman, miniature, Levni, 18th century

Persian dancing woman at the Ottoman court. Ottoman miniature by Levni;

Картина, панно, Мастер-класс Аппликация, Бумагопластика, Квиллинг: "Тишь, да гладь, да божья благодать..."        +mini МК Акварель, Бумажные полосы, Бусинки. Фото 1

*QUILLING ~ Painting mural drawing Workshop Application Bumagoplastika Quilling peace and quiet so the grace of God + mini MK Watercolor Paper Beads band photo 1