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Did the house break up with you? | Avatar | A mystery greater than what happened to Zuko's mom...

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An interesting bending chart from "Avatar: the last air bender". The flow of this is very alchemical in nature. Showing the interconnectedness of the 4 western elements.

Sokka - Avatar, The Last Airbender

Zuko is the residing expert on evil fathers. When your father scars your face, then you can talk.

Yep they should have done this. Each one as an ep where korra learned something valuable about what it meant to be the avatar to each one leading up to Wan...smh

Zuko, Korra is missing. We need you to capture the Avatar.

Best avatar right here - He's number Wan. The First by Quirkilicious on deviantART

The others got their girlfriends back but Sokka didn't :( It's so sad how throughout the rest of the show he keeps making reference to her and can't kiss Suki in front of the moon and he talks about her when he's stoned and aaaaaauuuuuggghghghghghghghg

Yue by Stephanie Kao(*zetallis) : Avatar the Last Airbender fanart; "Style inspired by ~nna's(Ann Marcellino) lovely work."