Great idea... but use different ingredients (just more veggies and shrimp instead of ham)

Chef Salad on a Stick -- Cute for a picnic or great for summertime Brunch/Party idea! Just thread your salad goodies onto a skewer instead of putting them in a bowl! Then dip them into your favorite salad dressing.

Cutting A Watermelon ~ this way makes for easy eating, especially for little ones!

What a great idea! Cut watermelon in half. Take one half and cut inch slices. Rotate 90 degrees and cut same size slices. Did this for Scott’s birthday- what a hit and the watermelon was gone -great finger food :-)

fruit rockets

Rocket fruit - Watermelon, banana and canned pineapple. I am SO making this for my last snack mama day at perschool! They are learning about space :) (fruit kebabs for kids)

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