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some wires are laying on top of a table
214.5US $ |Maykit Starry Sky Ceiling Sauna Led Star Lights With 5w , 12v Led Light Source 80pcs 1.5mm Black Pvc Cover Fiber Remote Control - Optic Fiber Lights - AliExpress
a drawing of a building with wires on the roof
Lumière sur l’éclairage extérieur par fibre optique - Décoration
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and lights on the wall in it's corner
a glass sculpture on a black stand in front of a gray background with white swirls
an unusual building is reflected in the water
Templo Bahá’í da américa do sul é indicado a Prêmio
the stairs are made from concrete and have metal railings on them, along with wood paneling
Gallery of Harella House / Piercy&Company - 13