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an image of a wizard standing in the woods with his arms outstretched and hands out
How Writers Feel When...
Searching For Inspiration - Writers Write
an image of a man with long hair in front of a quote from the movie lord of the rings
Procrastination and distraction, especially from the internet, are assuredly the enemies of writing! So when you occasionally discover a writer who has mastered the art of ignoring the internet and writes 1500 words a day or more, you are always curious as to how they achieve it. What tips would you share on attaining the magical power? . . . #procrastination #distraction #productive #creativewriting #reader #writers #writerscommunity #readers #writing
the comic strip shows how people are doing different things in front of each other, including music
How true is this?! 😀 This is what we like to call absolute genius from @sarahandersencomics #actor #musician #artist #writer #beforeandafter #absolute #genius #writerscommunity #writerslife
three people sitting at a table with papers in front of them and the text you know you're a writer when your idea of hell is working in a corporate environment environment
You know you're a writer when...
You know you're a writer when... - Writers Write Creative Blog
an image of a sunset with the quote if you're not yet on a government watch list, you're doing it wrong
Tips to Make Us Stronger Authors—Both Fiction & Non-Fiction
"Authors? If you're not yet on a government watch-list? YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!" ~Kristen Lamb
an image of a blue fish with caption that reads, must keep writing must keep writing oh, a new book idea
6 Not-So-Obvious Places to Find Story Ideas • Teetering On Wisdom
must keep writing ooh, a new book idea Dory from Finding Nemo
a woman typing on a typewriter with the caption, yes i am writing you into my book you're gruesomely butchered on page 76
You Might Be a Writer If…
Who comes up with these memes? #loveit Shared from Kristin Lamb's blog by Donna White Glaser ‏@readdonnaglaser
an angel and a woman sitting at a table with the caption, as your personal music i would like to file
Ten of the Funniest Cartoons About Writing | Something to Write Home About
someone writing on paper with a pen in their hand and the words what doesn't kill you will end up in your novel
what doesnt kill you will end up in your novel- Bizzaromom
a star wars scene with the text 2 hours before exam may the force be with you
Creating The Villain
As lost as Alice as mad as Hatter, her name Alice Hatter. Follow @alihatterce for more writerly brain fillers
a man smiling with the caption that one sibling who can't keep a secret
Nettpress book publishing
When the creative juices start flowing #writeitdown #newbook #author - facebook.com/rlwonderland
a cartoon character with the caption, so, what's your book about me?
My least favorite question in the entire world
Extreme Expectations - Writers Write Dale Carnegie, Steve Jobs, Funny Relatable Memes, Funny Posts, Mbti, Funny Cute
Extreme Expectations
Extreme Expectations - Writers Write
a cartoon drawing of a man standing in front of a sign that reads you know you're a writer when your thoughts are simply conversations between your characters that need to be written down
You know you're a writer when...
You know you're a writer when...