mosaics at the West Iwan of the Jameh Mosque in Isfahan

of the exceptional Jameh Mosque in Isfahan - another great example of the old style of tile work where every colour is a different tile or a tile inlay. later, multicoloured tiles replaced this time-consuming technique.


It can both used as a hot plate or for decoration. This hot plate has foam pedding at the back. William de Morgan tiles

William De Morgan & Co. Peacock tile panel (c. - Earthenware, slip-coated, decorated with traced-transfer design - The Fitzwilliam Museum


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Bird of Paradise in the Tree of Life - Iznik Design Ceramic Panel

Bird of Paradise in the Tree of Life - Iznik Design Ceramic Panel The Checkerboard Herb Garden birdhouse Bird love.

İznik Vakıf Çinileri

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Cypress tree ceramic tile mural, Balian-Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem

Originating in the Middle East, the earliest evidence of ceramic tile art decorations dates back to Ancient Egypt to around BCE

İznik Vakıf Çinileri

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