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christmas ornaments hanging from a tree in the snow
a decorated christmas tree in a living room with presents under the window and lights on
Total Relaxation for the Holidays
Here is a short sample of the newest video I added to my YouTube Channel which has 2-hour long relaxing types of videos, these are great for putting on your smart TV or streaming device using the YouTube app. I found when working at home on my computer, I would play videos like these as background music. I started thinking with so much content I have, why not produce some of my own. If you have a holiday party coming up or are decorating the house, these videos could be great!
a christmas tree in front of a window with snow on the ground and lights all around it
a street scene with snow falling on the ground and buildings in the background at night
a decorated christmas tree with presents under it
a street is covered in snow and lit up with christmas lights
Rue du Petit-Champlain, Quebec
a walkway covered in christmas lights and garlands with the words una luce uma speranza
Christmas 4U
a large christmas tree in front of a house
Joyeux Noël from Québec City - Victoria
a large christmas tree in front of a house with red shutters on the windows
a snow covered street with cars parked on the side and a church in the background
Momente bewusst erleben in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee
a snowy street lined with buildings and lights
Пытаюсь стать художником
a christmas card with people walking down the street in front of a lit up tree
a horse drawn carriage driving down a snow covered street with christmas trees and bells hanging from the ceiling
a painting of a house in the snow with christmas lights on it's windows
a painting of a christmas scene with a house