Beeldhouwen: vervaardigen van driedimensionale beelden door materiaal weg te nemen uit een stuk steen of hout.

“Tyto I” Stylized barn owl sculpture in graphite colored mica flecked stone. Mounted on a bronzed patinaed steel base.

Bird Artist: Theodore Gillick.  Paper and mixed media artists who like owls, try this one -

Artist : Theodore Gillick Works : Bronze Sculpture : "Night Owl and Moon"

"Owls" ceramic sculpture by Chris Stiles

Owls by Chris Stiles (Ceramic Sculpture

Created by Chris Stiles These Owls are made from clay and colored using a process called saggar firing. This firing process creates a truly unique coloring effect which leaves no two owls exactly a like.

Mitchell Grafton Pottery | Owl & Mouse...he always make me smile with his work.

Mitchell Grafton: Rat & Owl Ceramic Sculpture (I'd love to won one of his pieces like this at some point.

Owl Sculpture by Anthony Theakston

L'oeil de la chouette - Opus 4