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Farewell dark circles, under the eye bags, dry & old skin. See results in 2 weeks, approximately. – 1 cup of hot water (or tea) – 1 teaspoon of baking soda – 2 cleansing cotton pads

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Remove the Dead Skin from Your Face with Baking Soda

I'm never putting eyeliner on the same ever again. Pin now read later.

Tightlining - probably the best way to put eyeliner on to add great definition to your lashes. Basically, you put eye liner (gel or pencil) in between each lash in your lash line (makeup, diy, beauty tips)

How to treat pigmentation spots at home (Melasma)

How to Treat Pigmentation Spots at Home (Melasma) tumeric and juice of half a lemon.

Natural age spot removal

CryoClear offers less destruction of healthy tissue, making it perfect for treating age spots, sun spots and skin tags.