minimalist movie posters

I like the flat graphic style in this poster, which is really different style than the original poster. It shows the Paris city view by illustration, and use the moon and Eiffel tower as clock and hour hand to show the concept of midnight.

Movie Poster, titanic

This is a nice Titanic poster that is designed by Tomasz Opasinski. Very pleasant poster.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory minimalist poster that portrays one of Sheldon's many many 'charming' qualities :). If you're interested in purchasing a copy of this poster then please contact me for the details.

Hangover #retro #minimalist #movie #poster

The Hangover - minimal movie poster. I absolutely love the simplicity coming from a dental professional 👍

from the movie Mary and Max

(Michalak) Burbank I'm finally watching it! Love yourself first Mary and Max