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Unique Restroom Door Signs Unique “Mistake Proof” Restroom Door Designs

Restaurant / Lounge Bar Interior Design - Silvan Francisco, "Sabor" General Pardiñas Street, in Madrid. 2006

4x Euro Pallet + mattress, nothing else. For 1,4m x 2,0m bed size. Looks really easy to make but would the mattress be aired enough? ;)

Linzer cookies. If I ever open up a cafe, you bet these little cookies wil go on every mug of coffee and tea!

In-store coffee cup waterfall. with hooks near the coffee bar. just a hanging storage decor

Architectural Sign Solutions - Signkit lumos2 - illuminated signs

An A-frame sign made from old pallet wood, designed for 'The Factory Cafe' in Durban, South Africa.

38 Different Ways To Make Perfect Coffee