Deniz Sahin

Deniz Sahin

Turkey / Architecture student, artist 🍀
Deniz Sahin
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Origami-Inspired Architecture: 14 Geometric Structures

For all the effort, skill and time it takes to produce a typical work of origami, the result can be ephemeral, limited by the delicate nature of paper.

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Sterren College secondary vocational education (Haarlem, the Netherlands)

Located on the outskirts of Haarlem, Sterren College accommodates 1000 students from six secondary vocational courses. The colourful school building with an.

OCH Culinary School by Jack Waterman, via Behance

SITEMid-City New Orelans, juxtaposed with the CBD, is a currentlyblighted area that will become a growth district as the city becomesmore urban in coming years. The full city block spans from the historiccommercial fabric to the lower, segmented resid…

San Diego Culinary Arts School - eVolo | Architecture Magazine

Architecture and Design Magazine for the Century. Organizer of the Annual Skyscraper Architectural Competition.