i spent a little time knitting this cardigan

Acer Cardigan pattern by Amy Christoffers

Acer by Savory Knitting/Amy Christoffers - cabled cardigan in worsted weight yarn

Barefoot Contessa, How easy is that?

Ina Garten's bright and sunny Lemon Chicken Breast from the Barefoot Contessa How Easy Is That? is as classic as Ina Garten's Roast Chicken.

wanted it for 5 years.  finally it is mine.

Table in a Bag from Crate and Barrel

Table in a Bag from Crate and Barrel. It literally rolls into something the width of a standard picnic chair in a bag.

Revolution Brewery

On Saturday, Ed, Dallas and I went to Revolution Brewery. A brewery!

received a charm bracelet from My charmed life.

Millions of charms. Good for cake pulls, gifts, bracelets, you names it!

gifts from neighbors

Send lotion and creams with your flowers! Mayfield carries a line of Caswell Massey Lotions in different scents. Our best seller is freesia but we carry English Lavender, Rose, Gardenia, as well as a lemon ginger spice.

A taste of Heaven's Jeanine Cake

A taste of Heaven's Jeanine Cake