one of the best styled celebs out there, a true it girl
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a woman standing in front of a microphone on top of a stone floor next to columns
Joey King and Steven Piet’s Mallorca Wedding Channeled ‘The Great Gatsby,’ With a Spanish Twist
a woman in a bathing suit sitting on the beach with an umbrella over her head
sabrina carpenter
a woman is standing on the beach with an umbrella in her hand and wearing a bathing suit
Sabrina Carpenter for espresso music video
a woman sitting on top of a leather chair wearing a white dress and fur stole
a woman standing in a kitchen next to an oven
@sabrinacarpenter via Instagram: so tell me what's on your wishlist _______________________ Dec 8, 2023 #sabrinacarpenter #teamsabrina | Instagram
a woman in a silver skirt and crop top walking down the street with her jacket over her shoulders
The Met Gala Afterparty Looks You Didn't See (but Can't Miss)
two people are laying on the snow with one person wearing a fur coat and another in a sweater
sabrina carpenter