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a man's arm with a painting on it and a crown above his head
Photo - Basquiat in Basquiat tattoo by Qtattoo Lee | Photo 31987
a man's chest with an image of people sitting at a table on it
oozy_tattoo 🇰🇷
Vintage, Sleeve Tattoos, Neck Tattoo, Tattoos For Guys, Black Ink Tattoos, Meaningful Tattoos For Couples
Dotwork Helena Bonham Carter, by @sadgirlstattoos. Lucky Rabbit Cult, Birmingham UK
a woman with a knife in her mouth and some ink on her thigh is shown
Photo - Beatrix Kiddo tattoo by Charley Gerardin | Photo 24819
a woman's face with scissors on her arm
Gold Street Tattoo Barcelona – Estudio de Tattoo y Piercing en Barcelona
two people with matching tattoos on their arms