the process of creating. The simple and elegant layout is stunning, but seeing the gradual addition of the details is breathtaking!

Simply B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L (23 photos)

This would be something that I think Emily would create. It has the Islamic patterns which she values. It has all of this culture in it but it is modern at the same time.

Pattern in Islamic Art - PIA 144

Pattern in Islamic Art - PIA 144 This reminds me of the patterns I used to make with my spyrograph set Más

Arte islámico- Tazhib persa estilo shamse (sol)-24 | Galería de Arte Islámico y Fotografía

Islamic Art - Tazhib Persian style "Shams-e" -Sol-, holy places of Islam and the Prophet's Family (P).

Pattern in Islamic Art - Akbar's Tomb

Image IND 0630 featuring latticework from the Akbar's Tomb, in Sikandra, India, showing Geometric Pattern using carved masonry or stone relief.