Tea time in Turkey

When in Istanbul have your Turkish tea with some taze süt (a cup of fresh hot milk)

How to make the tea float on water. It's like water topped with tea.They never mix unless you mix with a spoon! Make this and surprise your guest! | | #tea #surprise

An Enigmatic Turkish Tea

Look at this tea! And tell me what you see? Dad always loves to surprise me in different ways. We went to a coffee house last weekend to have tea and simit as breakfast. When I was taking pictures of Turkish tea (you can see

#Turkish #tea is one of the most important parts of #Turkish hospitality.

Turkish tea is one of the most important parts of Turkish hospitality.

Turkish tea with a view

lNorth of Iran, Mountain Skirts and an exquisite traditional tea in a summer afternoon. Everyone's welcomed with Iranian hospitality - M

Persian Tea, Served in a clear glass

Chai Community Post: 20 Persian Foods To Blow Your Taste Buds Away - No Persian meal is complete without Iran’s golden tea and a few sugar cubes.


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