How to make the tea float on water. It's like water topped with tea.They never mix unless you mix with a spoon! Make this and surprise your guest! | | #tea #surprise

An Enigmatic Turkish Tea

Look at this tea! Dad always loves to surprise me in different ways. We went to a coffee house last weekend to have tea and simit as breakfast. When I was taking pictures of Turkish tea (you can see

Türk çayı ☪ Turkish tea

Come in today and get your membership and enjoy unlimited Turkish tea after your workout for your first week :)

#Turkish #tea is one of the most important parts of #Turkish hospitality.

Turkish tea is one of the most important parts of Turkish hospitality.

Turkish tea with a view

lNorth of Iran, Mountain Skirts and an exquisite traditional tea in a summer afternoon. Everyone's welcomed with Iranian hospitality - M

Persian Tea, Served in a clear glass

Chai Community Post: 20 Persian Foods To Blow Your Taste Buds Away - No Persian meal is complete without Iran’s golden tea and a few sugar cubes.