Muhammad Rasool ALLAH Prophet Muhammad (PBUH )# محمد رسول الله# Mohammad# محمد#

Art Print Arabic Contemporary calligraphy 'Mohammad Rassoul Allah' translates: "Mohammad prophet of Allah" - by Kalimate

DesertRose/// Allah

Assalaamu alaikum [peace be to you], Question: Why do we quote Allah -Glory be to him- as - Him/His ? ANSWER: In Arabic linguistics, the gender of a noun may refer to semantic, morphemic or grammat.

DesertRose::: Freeform “Muhammad” calligraphy

islamic-art-and-quotes: Freeform “Muhammad” calligraphyمُحمَّدThe oft-praised one

Ramadan activity pack. #Ramadan #commoncore #Muslim

Ramadan Reading and Writing Activities

Easy and effective way to teach students a little about this important holiday coming up!