Cincinnati's abandoned subway depot | The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World

Love Poland, so many things to see. Especially Częstochowa, Poland’s abandoned train depot. (+ more world wonders in link)

Japan tsunami and earthquake damage

Japan tsunami survivors return to their homes

Bağdat Caddesi, 1962. Caddebostan - Suadiye arası.

Bağdat Street Istanbul, Between Caddebostan - Suadiye

Artist Turns Istanbul Into Inception-Inspired Landscapes - UltraLinx

Artist Turns Istanbul Into Inception-Inspired Landscapes

Artist Aydin Büyüktas’ Inception-like Flatland features flattened symmetrical landscapes, as if the world was pasted onto a two-dimensional curve. He used a quadcopter to take numerous photos of his subjects then combined those images in Photoshop.

1954 yılı.İstanbul Boğazı donmuş durumda.

Harsh winter of 1954 brought ice blocks drifting from the Danube river into the Bosphorus, blocking it eventually by merging into each other.

Istanbul, Turkey

42 Ways Istanbul Is So Beautiful It Actually Hurts