Need to visit Istanbul, Turkey soon as possible...

Need to visit Istanbul, Turkey again. GRAND BAZAAR - Istanbul this is the Bazaar the The Tea Party song "The Bazaar" is referring to, one of my favorite songs!

civilization door..ISTANBUL-TURKEY

"The Civilization Door", Beylerbeyi Palace, Istanbul - Turkey

Beautiful historic alley, Rhodes, Greece

Beautiful historic alley, Rhodes, Greece I got off the cruise ship first thing in the morning and walked back in these alleys by myself, it was quiet and wonderful!

Amazing how much Assassin's Creed can teach you about history, and make you love a culture. Would love to visit Istanbul one day.

Constantinople-the capital of the eastern Roman empire; capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, now called Istanbul.

Looks like it was taken inside the Hagia Sophia cat and light, Istanbul by Anes_Ic

Ezion, The Assassin Revelation cat! Hagia Sophia cat and light, Istanbul by Anes_Ic

Maras peppers are prepped by day laborers in Turkey -many of them Syrian refugees.

Spice merchants selling peppers at the spice market in Istanbul, Turkey. While Maras and Urfa peppers are the most famous regions for their peppers, other regions such as Gaziantep also produce their own peppers.

#Istanbul, #Turkey - April 16, 2004 (NASA). EUROPE is on the left. ASIA is on the right. In the middle is the famous Bosporus.

Istanbul - Bosphorus - "Behold, Moses said to his attendant, I will not give up until I reach the junction of the two seas or (until) I spend years and years in travel.

Laleli Mosque in front of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Istanbul , Turkey

Laleli Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. Our hotel was across the street and we would wait for the athan for fajr. There's radiant heating under the carpeting.

Whirling Dervish, Konya, Turkey. | I saw them in Turkey and, amazingly, at FSU. Mesmerizingly beautiful.

I think it rocks that Sufis have their own call to God!

The Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey. Where east meets west connecting two continents, Europe and Asia

The Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey. The Bosphorus Bridge is one of the two bridges in Istanbul, Turkey, spanning the Bosphorus strait and thus connecting Europe and Asia. It is a gravity anchored suspension bridge with steel pylons and inclined hanger