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Miniature goats

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Poison plants

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Angora goats

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How to Prepare for Baby Goats l Tips and advice to be prepared l Homestead Lady (.com)

baby goats

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Raising Goats - keeping the barn clean | boxwoodavenue.com
Rectangle Goat Barn
Building the Goat Barn


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Sleeping/climbing platforms. Goats prefer sleeping off the ground and the platforms will help them stay active in winter.
like the ramp... they'd love this in their stall!
37Pallet Goat Shelter


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Milking a goat takes more than just a bucket and patience. There are several items that you need to have on hand to ensure healthy goats and quality milk. Check out this list of Dairy Goat Essentials! #DairyGoatEssentials #NationalDairyMonth
Learn the basics of raising animals, whether for hobby farming or for consumption.


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How to Make Goat Cheese in the Raw - let's be realistic here, I am pinning this one for Matthew, not for me!
Making cheese with goat milk can be trickier than cow milk. Learn how to make goat milk mozzarella cheese successfully!
Making Goat Butter with a Kitchenaid Mixer - via Better Hens and Gardens:


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Goat Feeders
Grain Feeders for Goats and Sheep
goat raising beginners guide Additional hints


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Goat Fencing. We have learned a lot while trying to keep our goats contained in their pasture. Here are 3 of our best tips and tricks when it comes to goat fencing.
Goat Fencing.  Putting up proper goat fencing can save time and money.  Make sure that your goat fencing will hold your goats in and keep them safe by choosing the right fencing for goats to start.


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All natural fly spray--works for horses, pets, and people plus it's so safe, you could drink it!

Fly control

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Creep Feeder Gate - Premier1Supplies
Using a trailer clip, eye bolts to secure hog panels. What a great idea!!!


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Baked Goat Cheese - just 3 ingredients!
Crispy Goat Cheese Poppers with Honey - Creamy, melt-in-your-mouth bites of fried goat cheese perfection! thecomfortofcooking.com
Simple, quick and delicious! Fresh juicy figs roasted with creamy mascarpone, tart goat cheese and drizzled with sweet honey on an easy to share flatbread. #easyappetizers #flatbreads #figandgoatheese

Goat cheese recipes

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Slow Roasted Goat Leg

Goat recipes

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DIY Rain Barrel Hay Feeder - for goats, sheep, cows etc... #diy #goats #homestead #homesteading
How to build a hay feeder in 17 simple steps, and for under $100!

hay feeders

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Goat Health: It's scary when your goat gets sick and you don't know how to treat her. Find out what causes and how to treat scours in goats and get her healthy again! Raising Goats | Raising Goats for Beginners | Homesteading | Livestock
Sometimes being prepared is a matter of life and death. Here is our top 5 list of essential goat medical supplies.
So many farmers dread it when the time comes to give pills to their animals. It can be a nightmare. holding the goat still, prying thei...


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Learn how to properly trim goat hooves and avoid problems like hoof rot and foot scald.
Typical goat hoof trimming should be completed every two to three months and is an essential step when caring for goats.
Are you curious about how to Trim Goat Hooves? If so, then

Hoof trimming

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Are goats grazers or browsers? Goats also make an awesome clean & green land clean up alternative.
Looking at getting started with goats? Everything you need to know (and some you don’t) about adding goats to your farm or homestead.
5 Reasons to Get Goats. Adding goats to the homestead is a great thing to do. There are many reasons to raise goats, here are a few. via @BarnyardJen


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We finally did it! We finally filmed a goat birth on our farm, and included directions on how to assist in a goat birth yourself.
How to know your goat is in labor | from Oak Hill Homestead
A list of goat kidding supplies to have on hand in support of goat kidding season as well as what those supplies are intended to be used for.


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Goat Milk Lotion Recipe | 20 Recipes To Make With Goats Milk
Goat milk lotion has some amazing benefits to your skin. Reap all of those benefits and learn how to make your own with our DIY goat milk lotion recipe.
Goat milk lotion recipes for homemade DIY lotion.


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Udder Butter Balm- Homemade natural whipped body butter for the home dairy. #cow #goat #sheep #udder #butter #homesteading
If you want to milk your goat (or cow) you have to have the right milking supplies. Here is your go to list for the 5 essential milking supplies you can't live without!
Goat Milking Supplies | Weed 'Em and Reap (a quick-how-to!):


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livestock guardian dogs

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Feeding Dairy Goats.Finally, a way to feed a customized diet to each of your goats. See how you can teach your goats to tether feed and address issues for each. #dairygoats #feedinggoats #goats #howtofeedgoats Train your goats | Raising goats for beginners | Goats via @SLcountrygal
This list identifies greens from your garden that are good for chickens and/or goats and greens that you shouldn't feed them.
Copper Bolus For Goats. Goat Care, Goats For Beginners, Raising Goats, How To Copper Bolus Goats, Homestead Info, Self Sufficiency,


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How To Keep Your Goat Worm-Free Naturally! – WelcomeTree Farm


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