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Some great THINKING posters

You should SEE EVIDENCE of your students' learning EVERYDAY. Exit Slips are an excellent way to ensure that your students are reflecting on their learning as well as a way to keep tabs on their progress. I would get them to pick 2 to answer.

Book Three: Summative Assessment - 50 Ways to Gather Evidence of Student Learning from Teaching With a Touch of Honey on -  (16 pages)  - Strategies for summatively assessing student learning!

Looking for strategies to formatively assess student learning? Check out the 60 strategies found in this booklet! Book Two: 60 Formative Assessment Strategies provides teachers with a variety of assessment strategies to gather information about

Giving Text Evidence

Common Core is all about evidence! Standard One for all grades is all about showing the evidence! This is a great Anchor Chart for Textual Evidence Sentence Starters- I would modify the language required for upper elementary and middle school students.