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AN ILLUMINATED OTTOMAN QUR'AN, COPIED BY SULEYMAN AL-HASHIMI, PROBABLY ANATOLIA, DATED 1192 AH/1778 AD Arabic manuscript on buff paper, 305 leaves plus 1 flyleaf, 15 lines to the page, written in naskh script in black ink, verses separated by gold roundels embellished with blue and red dots, illuminated surah headings in white on gold-ground cartouches with floral decoration...

left side - Illuminated Manuscript Koran, The right side of a double-page illumination, Walters Art Museum MS. W.575, fol. 2b (by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts)

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Dilapidated house in the garden district in New Orleans

Abandoned church, Belgium. Urbex - abandoned building - urban exploration - urban decay - abandoned church

'Ottoman Qur'an'. Turkey, Dated AH1266 (1832 AD)

An 1832 example from Turkey, handwritten by Ahmad Al Shekry, a scholar of Mohamad al Helmy. With gilded bordering and floral form verse markers throughout, its first double pages are adorned with scrawling floral and foliage designs in green, blue and red. This exquisite manuscript is enclosed in leather binding with a flap that is detailed in thick gold. ‘Ottoman Qur’an’. Turkey, dated AH1266 (1832 AD). Image courtesy of Ayyam Gallery

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2,400+ Years Old Giant Mushroom in Oregon