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Peacocks, squirrels and cranes An illustrated folio of Babur Namah Mughal, Akbar period, dated A.S. 1598

Illuminated Manuscript -- "Squirrels, A Peacock Peahen, Demoiselle Cranes Fishes" -- -- Source: Painting from the 'Babur Nama,' the memoirs of Zāhir ud-Dīn Mohammad Bābur the founder of the Mughal Empire -- Belonging to The National Museum, New Delhi

The Sayyida Zainab mosque in Damascus, Syria

The Sayyida Zainab mosque in Damascus, Syria.i remember how inspiring it was to walk under these arches.may god bless this mosque and all others in syria from the mercenaries and terrorists and god bless syria al assad

Selimiye mosque tile detail

Posts about Motif – Tulip (Lale) on Çini: The Classical Turkish Art of Tile Painting