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Dido Kabak
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(gif) warning: you're going to watch this gif 109,600 times just so you can see the Durin's reaction at the end----it's worth it xD

Thranduil is just the most fabulous being in Middle Earth, and this is the confirmation. and Kili covering Bilbo's eyes just takes it to a whole new level xD <<< BOOM BABY

Thranduil's beautiful silver robe. The details are amazing!

Lee Pace's Thranduil boots in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug are so freaking sexy you don't understand my love for a man in knee-high leather boots!

Firith was the Sindarin name for the season which corresponds with a period between autumn and winter, known as fading © Thranduil©JRRT ----- .