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Morgan Freeman comes up a lot when talking about racism. But, when Don Lemon asked Morgan Freeman about race and income equality I don’t think he was quite expecting the answer that he got.

Nature is my Church. Love is my Religion. Wandering/wondering is my philosophy.

JC RELIGION "Nature is my Church. Love is my Religion. Wandering and wondering are my philosophy." I usually try to avoid posting about religion, but this is so true.


I like how the layer of clothing underneath is made out of feathers, I think that this could be used within my work in sections. I also like how the shirt is very basic with just the black feathers, yet it stands out more than the jacket

Rough of Kaleidoscope Jasper from Oregon #jasper #oregon #gemstones #jewelry #lapidary #rockhounding

Walls and Foundation made of clear Jasper! Having the glory of God and her light was like unto a stone most prescious, even like a Jasper stone, clear as crystal. The building of the wall of it was as of Jasper.