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an open book with a quote on the front and back pages, in black background
two polaroid photos with the same person in black and white, one has an image of a woman's face
two men are sitting on a bus with their heads wrapped around each other and one man is holding his head
an open book with a red flower on top and the words baki written in different languages
someone is reading a book in their hand
an open book with some type of text on the page and in it's center
an old book with some writing on it
şiir | Tumblr
an old paper with some type of writing on it that says siveyda
Türkçedeki az bilinen 50 kelime
a woman is smiling with a caption in front of her and the words written below it
a woman holding a sign in front of a red wall with words written on it
Tehlikeli sayılmam artık. Kalbimin kalın bir... - Menemen N' Pastırma
an old man with long white hair sitting down
Ya bir yol bul, ya bir yol aç, ya da yoldan çekil.... - Menemen N' Pastırma